Twilight Cosy.


Magical twilight, lost in you,


Warm, encompassing,Where it began, who knows?

I don’t mind where you came from but let’s stay here.


Timeless moments, indulge in seconds,

How this happens, who cares?

Beautiful, heavy, deep,

I need this twilight, it feeds my soul.

[12 Oct 2013]


World Out There.


Unknown lands come to me in dreams,

Long winding roads and street scenes,

IMG_20131104_214317Hustle and bustle, drinking a coffee,

Until now all before me was unseen.


Snatches of conversation,

Snapshots from lives spelt out by foreign tongues,

We’re out of kilter you and I; exotic unknown land,

Your days idle by in curious moments and revelations.


Passing through, slowly,

So different we are, new to one another,

But we fall into step, keep pace,

A new place to call home even when we part,

So many unknown lands still tug at my heart.

[3 Nov 2013]


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